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One, Singular Focus.
Public Outreach

Outreach + Engagement + Involvement 

Dennis Communication's exclusive focus on public information and outreach means that clients can count on a team with experience and perspective to deliver results.  We thrive on combining data, human connection and intuition to go deeper and see beyond the obvious.

For over 20 years, we have been the go-to PR specialists propelling our client's causes, issues and brands to greater heights.  We take pride in our client partnerships and helping them navigate the complexities of today’s public initiatives landscape.

Engage. Advise. Impact.

Whether in your neighborhood, on the national digital landscape, in the boardroom, or in the global public square, we help our clients build lasting consensus, make an influential impression, and move public opinion. 


We know that many communities and neighborhoods struggle to connect their residents with the information and services they need to live happier and healthier lives. Key messaging to targeted audiences is our strength; and being able to deliver that messaging in the right way is key to helping communities, the public and constituencies thrive. 


We work with our clients to create authentic and memorable communications and marketing efforts that engage and motivate diverse audiences.

Specialty Areas.

  • Public Relations & Influence

  • Community Relations & Engagement

  • Public Involvement Plans

  • Advocacy & Issues

  • Marketing & Communications

  • Public Information & Outreach 

  • Prevention, Preparedness & Response Facilitation

  • Thought Leadership & Stakeholder Relations

  • Training, Workshops, Seminars

Our Process.

The development of a marketing communications platform and strategic program is a customized process, and differs significantly from client to client. We approach this process with our 5-step framework: 

(1) Communications Audit

(2) Engagement Analysis

(3) Needs Assessment

(4) Plan Development

(5) Resilience Path

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