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                                  WHO WE ARE

                                                          Public Relations + Psychology = Solutions for Success

Being driven, deliberate, thorough and trustworthy is what sets us apart."    ~Monique Dennis, PsyD/ MBA/ Chief Publicist

Dennis Communications has evolved since being founded in 1996. Our ability to infuse psychology within the realms of public relations makes for more strategic and monumental public relations programming. 

Psychology makes up the majority of theories behind public relations, social media, and marketing;  becoming very much entwined within the industry itself.  Why wouldn’t it?  The study of human behavior is directly involved whether you are planning a campaign for behavior change, managing a company’s image after a crisis, or persuading consumers toward a new idea.

When we embarked on this endeavor over 25 years ago, we had a single mission: to be the most successful, personable and ground-breaking public relations boutique agency in South Florida...that still remains. 

We activate. We engage. We inspire.  We hit the mark in sparking an interest relating to initiatives, businesses and causes that matter.

Though we’ve grown since our founding, we’re still the same firm at heart. We approach each of our clients with fresh eyes to develop customized, unique strategies.  Are you ready to set your brand or business on the path to success? Give us a call today and see what we can do for you.